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These artworks include many of my Original Characters and my favorite characters from all sorts of Animes, Mangas, Video Games :D

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Smash Bros - Princess Zelda by Quas-quas Smash Bros - Princess Zelda :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 1,180 24 Smash Bros - Shulk by Quas-quas Smash Bros - Shulk :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 576 47 Smash Bros - Palutena by Quas-quas Smash Bros - Palutena :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 666 19 Smash Bros - Rosalina by Quas-quas Smash Bros - Rosalina :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 958 14 Smash Bros - Robin F by Quas-quas Smash Bros - Robin F :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 578 13 Smash Bros - Lucina by Quas-quas Smash Bros - Lucina :iconquas-quas:Quas-quas 662 25 Super Smash Bros Brawl Faves Color by DrAssenov Super Smash Bros Brawl Faves Color :icondrassenov:DrAssenov 162 32 (Smash Bros) I Don't Know What To Call This by AmazingArtistYellow (Smash Bros) I Don't Know What To Call This :iconamazingartistyellow:AmazingArtistYellow 4,335 282 Crest of Flame by yellowhima Crest of Flame :iconyellowhima:yellowhima 268 16 Alternative by MewKwota Alternative :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 193 62 Mother of the Cosmos by MewKwota Mother of the Cosmos :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 231 47 Goddess of Light by MewKwota Goddess of Light :iconmewkwota:MewKwota 196 41 Wow Lucina by KyubeyLovesYou Wow Lucina :iconkyubeylovesyou:KyubeyLovesYou 319 82 Emblem bros by GuilhermeRM Emblem bros :iconguilhermerm:GuilhermeRM 1,598 95 Persona 3 x 4 tandem by Kagekara-Soul Persona 3 x 4 tandem :iconkagekara-soul:Kagekara-Soul 92 2 P3 x P4 Magicians by Kagekara-Soul P3 x P4 Magicians :iconkagekara-soul:Kagekara-Soul 75 3




Helllo guys Today I would like to share to with you guys my theories about the New Fire Emblem

First thing, If you noticed on the new assassin class you will notice that the character holds two knifes instead of one like the one in awaking, although the unit didn't use knifes in awakening but I believe in the this game will bring back the weapon for the class like the one in FE Radiant Dawn, not only that it could also be possible that the unit will be using duel knifes a first in the series.

I believe there is a returning weapon, in Radiant Dawn Clerics were able to strike back with their staff though I didn't do munch damage but the one showing in the video attacked  with a staff did some damage, I believe it could be a new variation of a healing staff, the mysterious unit could be equipped with a fire staff or rod that does damage to attack in exchange for healing, and if you noticed the poise of the unit before striking is very similar to the poise of a war monk in awakening, which implies that the unit is from the healer class.

I also have a suggestion for the new class that summoned the Ice attack, I don't believe It is a magic instead I believe it as a summon attack or spell and the unit class is called Summoner , If you noticed the fans circle around a point and in the center the Ice Mouse comes out, doesn't that look like a summon?  So does that mean there is a new class? are there other summon attack/spells? Is it possible that the giant golem monster is actually a higher level summon spell? If that's the case that would awesome!

Okay about the Dancer Girl, I believe she is the main character or one of the main characters, and she will meet the avatar during some point in the storyline, join his or her cause for one reason or another, maybe you save from her captivity? One thing I have noticed about her is her sprite, she looks nothing like the dancer sprite from awakening, instead her sprite looks almost similar to the sorceress class, but trailer shows nothing about her using a attack or using what's the deal? Could it be that she is a unique class? I don't know, we need more information, but one thing I do know is her hair and dress glow bright. In the beginning we could clearly see that her hair is a light blue and her dress dark blue, but later on it glows brighter when she is attacked under water along with her bracelet and dancing near the end, my question is what exactly is causing it? at first I thought it glowed when ever she is attacked or in danger but as you can see at the end when she danced her hair and dress had the same glow and if you noticed her bracelet or necklace DOSE NOT glow. Why didn't the necklace glow during that part? Is there a specific reason? I guess we won't know until we see another trailer hopefully in English.

Now for the avatar I believe GamexEplain is on the mark suggestion that the avatar is a prince or princess of high blood, which perfectly fits to what was promised of bigger choices and consequences, if you were running a kingdom your choices will greatly effect what happens in the story and your kingdom, will you be known as a tyrant or a great King or Queen. Will we see drastically different scenarios on who we pick on our side and kill? I would love that because to be honest I never did like the three choices they gave us in Fire Emblem Awakening that never did change anything other than a few different dialogue. I really do hope the new Fire Emblem will give us choices that REALLY do matter...

So those are my theories do you agree or do you have some of your own? please I would love to hear your opinions!

From your fellow deviant and Fire Emblem fan :icontheanimeknight:
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! Did any of you watch the Nintendo Direct?! The first Trailer in the direct was FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M STILL EXCITED FROM THE HYPE!!!!
The new Fire Emblem looks amazing, moves amazing, the new features the plan for sound AWESOME! and the Characters OH MY GOD!!!! they look amazing probably bettering looking than awakening! I'm so freaking excited for it! There was no release date sadly but once we get one I will freaking Pre Order! Oh and will definitely get the Robin and Lucina amiibos ;3

Oh man Nintendo Please my wallet will be empty if you keep up the great games like this!

Check out The Direct Here!…

Tell me your hype moments! :D
hey everyone if your are wondering why I have been silent for a long time and have not submit anything is my computer sucks and I have found myself unable to transfer data of my drawings or anything from my phone since my printer is incompatible with my computer system. Its sucks, and I need to spend more goddam money in order to do basic SHIT! >:(. So Until I find a way to submit drawings or anything else for that matter, I'm stuck with what I have on my current computer, with my old stuff. who knows? Maybe its a test to my creativity? I once heard that creativity happens when a artist is limited, rather than being unlimited....

From your fellow deviant :icontheanimeknight: 


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Thank you fans and watchers =D

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